Cara Kerja Cooling System Chevrolet Spin

Cara Kerja Cooling System Chevrolet Spin

Cooling system Spin
agak beda dgn system boil Jepang. Reservoir di Spin ialah Surge Tank, merupakan bab dari sistem sirkulasi cooling-nya. Makara akan keliatan ngalir terus selama thermostat terbuka Tidak spt kendaraan beroda empat Jepun yg reservoirnya sbg coolant overflow saja. Ente perhatiin deh di radiator Spin gak ada tutup cap-nya kan. Pressurized cap-nya justru ada di atas reservoir Spin.

Kondisi kipas radiator:
The cooling fan motor will always operate anytime the A/C system is operating. First at low speed, and then at high speed when engine coolant temperature exceeds a specified value.

The ECM commands Low Speed Fan ON under the following conditions:

  • Engine coolant temperature (ECT) exceeds approximately 100°C (212°F).
  • A/C refrigerant pressure exceeds 1 310 kPa (190 PSI).
  • After the vehicle is shut off, the ECT at key-off is greater than 140°C (284°F) and system voltage is more than 12 V. The fans may stay on for approximately 3 min.

The ECM commands High Speed Fan ON under the following conditions:
  • ECT reaches 110°C (230°F).
  • A/C refrigerant pressure exceeds 1 655 kPa (240 PSI).
  • When certain DTCs set

When the request for fan activation is withdrawn, the cooling fan motor may not turn OFF until the ignition switch is moved to the OFF position or the vehicle speed exceeds approximately 16 km/h. This is to prevent a fan from cycling ON and OFF excessively at idle.

DTC = Diagnostic Trouble Code
ECT = Engine Coolant Temperature
ECM = Engine Control Module

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